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The Future Feminine is Temme Media's "pay it forward" program.  Our aim is to donate a portion of our business proceeds to  girls in tech.  Among other goals, we will offer a mentorship program that educates and supports girls in the design and development in innovative mediums like AR and VR. TFF will not only inspire and inform the content creation process but with a community further define what "positive content" is.  We consider this an urgent need, as girls are growing up in a world with a rapidly changing landscape: one where our real and digital lives are increasingly interwoven.

To get involved please email us.  We are building up a network of women and girls who want to teach, learn, create and experiment in these new mediums.  




As a long time supporter of humanitarian Zainab Salbi's organization, Women for Women, for $35 a month you can Sponsor a Sister and help a woman overcome the horrors of war by rebuilding her life, starting a new business and providing for her family.

Named one of the top 25 Women Changing the World, Zainab's organization is touching, personalized and takes a global infrastructure of women to make it work. A favorite yearly moment is a handwritten letter  from my sister informing me of the significant progress she has made and the changes it has brought to her life. 



Changing Tide's mission is to bridge the gap between you, the traveler, and the causes on the ground. We are paving a way for you to serve naturally, adding life-changing experiences to your journey.  

My company and I are proud supporters of CTF and earlier this year we contributed to their Bocas Del Toro project which is a Women’s Outreach Mentorship Program (WOMP) that provides underprivileged teenage girls the opportunity to improve their swimming skills, learn how to SUP and eventually surf, encourage them to grow personally and build strong bonds with each other using art and the ocean as tools.