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Temme Studios is a high-end creative and production studio specializing in virtual reality, augmented reality and other emerging technology content.

We aim to revolutionize how brands engage with their audience.  Our approach is to simplify the complex landscape for our clients and integrate powerful storytelling with a strong aesthetic.  We take pride in a simplistic and personalized approach to our services that include creative consultation, distribution methods and all stages of production.  Some of our clients have included Qualcomm and Elle Magazine and we have premiered our films at the United Nations, Neuehouse Hollywood and Dubai. Photo: Todd Glaser

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Temme Media is female-driven revolution in technology and media. 

We are a digital platform that uses Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and other emerging technologies to inform and inspire women's journeys.  We focus on fashion, health + beauty, travel, art + culture, career and technology with a female-focused lens.  As part of the NEW INC 2017-2018 incubator program, our vision for Temme is an immersive universe where women rule. 

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The Future Feminine is Temme Media's "pay it forward" program.  Our aim is to donate a portion of our business proceeds to girls in tech.  Among other goals, we will offer a mentorship program that educates and supports girls in the design and development in innovative mediums like AR and VR.  TFF will not only inspire and inform the content creation process but with a community further define what "positive content" is.  We consider this an urgent need, as girls are growing up in a world with a rapidly changing landscape: one where our real and digital lives are increasingly interwoven.